Hugo Lassiège

Here is a list of various resources that I use frequently or that have influenced me

And of course in the books section, you can also read the one on this blog: Impactful Software Engineering


AI SuperpowersKai-Fu Lee
Build Right SideJean-Michel Lemieux
Continuous DeliveryJez Humble, David Farley
InspiredMarty Cagan
Lean ManagementPierre Pezziardi
L'obsession du service clientJonathan Lefèvre
EmpoweredMarty Cagan
Measure what mattersJohn Doerr
No Rules RulesRed Hastings, Erin Meyer
On m'avait dit que c'était impossibleJean-Baptiste Rudelle
Pragmatic ProgrammerHunt Andrew, Thomas David
Reinventing OrganizationsFrédérix Laloux
ReworkJason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson
Staff EngWill Larson
The future of ManagementGary Hamel
The 5 dysfunctions of a teamPatrick M Lencioni
The manager's PathCamille Fournier
Turn the ship aroundDavid Marquet

Mailing Lists

CodropsWeb Design & Front-End
Devops WeeklyDevops
GuriosityEngineering teams
Javascript WeeklyJavascript
LeadDev OriginalsSoftware leaders
Pragmatic engineerSoftware leaders
Software Lead WeeklySoftware leaders
Silicon Valley Product GroupProduct


French ProduitProduct (FR)
Lyon Tech HubLyon's Tech community
Mind The productProduct (US)
Rands LeadershipTech leaders
Tech RocksTech leaders

Articles, blogs & Vidéos

Scaling Organization

Alignment at Scale - Henrik KnibergAlignment
Agile Product ManifestoProduct
Awesome CTOResources from Dima Kuchin
C'est moi le chef ! (Nicolas Helleringer)Engineering manager
Writing DocumentationDocumentation
Engineering LaddersTech leaders & Career Path
Even over statementsPrioritization
Give Away Your LegosScaling organization
Managing complex organizational changeChange Management
Tension: why product development requires balancing conflicting goalsProduct and constraints
The Engineer Manager PendulumSwitching between management and tech
Scaling YourselfScaling individually
The 3 Things That Keep Companies GrowingScaling
What Is Seniority in EngineeringSeniority pillars for ICs


Aphyr/jepsenKnown for databases benchmarks
Martin Fowler.comArchitecture
System DesignSystem design
Webhooks.fyiWebhook standardization
Writing an engineering StrategyEng strategy

Favourite browser extensions

WappalyzerFind the tech stack of a website
ElasticvueInterface for Elasticsearch
JSonvueJson prettify
Tab Grp extGroup tabs, save groups and keep your browser light